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22.03.2018   Address to the Ambassadors: The West has to renounce the policy of Russophobia and double standards!

Tatjana Zdanoka,

Leader of the Latvian Russian Union



I appeal to the working in my country - Latvia - ambassadors of the countries of the European Union, the United States, Canada and other states that share the values ​​of open society and democracy.


Your excellencies, you work in Latvia and, of course, monitor political processes. You know for sure that the amendments to the Laws on Education adopted by Saeima on March 22 destroy the Russian schools working in our country for more than two hundred years. Such attitude towards ethnic minority contradicts the international obligations of the Republic of Latvia.


The fact that our government did not take into account the mass protests of those who are directly affected by these changes of the laws testifies to the outrageous attitude of the Latvian authorities towards democracy and human rights.


We urge you to bring to the leadership of your states a signal about discrimination and arbitrariness towards the Russian national minority in Latvia. The prolonged silence on the part of the West in this case means not just the application of double standards. It means demonstrative contempt in general to any standards in the case when it comes to Russian people. This attitude is comparable to the attitude towards Jews in the thirties of the last century in countries infected by Nazism.


My Jewish-Russian origin and objective knowledge of what the Holocaust is and what the blockade of Leningrad was, makes it possible to accurately determine the relapses of Nazism in the modern world.


If one hopes that connivance towards Russophobia or, indeed, incitement to it, will bring benefit to his people, he has not learned the lessons of history. The division of people into varieties does not stop at singling out one group of outcasts. It is infectious and defines new and new "defective" sectors of society. And then the boomerang is passed on to those who imagined themselves reliably sitting on top of the lined multilayered pyramid of racism.


We Russians of Latvia, by the will of fate, were on the line of attack of neo-Nazis on the principles of equal rights. And we continue to fight. Over the next few years, Latvia will be shaken by protests until local authorities and their Western partners renounce the policy of Russophobia and double standards. How quickly this happens depends on you.

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Logic   2018-09-14 17:36:39

She is so ignorant.. it is just ridiculous.