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16.08.2018   Program of Latvian Russian Union for Saeima (Latvian Parliament) Elections of 2018


Latvian Russian Union is a party that advocates the interests of the Russian cultural-linguistic community of Latvia. Latvian Russian Union party is open to all people of good will, who are ready to fight and win in the struggle for the rights and dignity of every human being. The objective of Latvian Russian Union is to achieve legal equality and equal opportunities for all residents of the country regardless of their origin or their mother tongue.


During the term of office of the 13th Saeima, none of the national minority parties will form Latvian government, because the system of ethnic discrimination does not allow it. The purpose of Latvian Russian Union’s participation in these elections is to restore the group in Saeima whose mission will be to fight for the preservation of Russian education. We will continue to expand and strengthen the protest actions on the streets of the cities. Based on the Russian protest movement, we will build a civil society in Latvia, which will replace the current political elite with one that will act in the interests of sustainable economic development and social justice.


Latvian Russian Union will act in the parliament promoting the abolition of restrictions on the use of Russian in education, public administration, and economics. We will propose the liquidation of the non-citizens' institution by registering all non-citizens as citizens of Latvia.


We will support proposals aimed on:


- establishing good neighborly relations with Russia. Our vision for the future is a united Europe from Lisbon to Vladivostok;
- reduction of military expenses and returning to a militarily political situation that existed in the region before 2014;
- reduction public administration expenditures, including partly transition of public administration’s functions to outsourced private companies;
- rotation of heads of KNAB (Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau) and security services by an agreement among the Baltic and Nordic countries;
- moving a number of ministries and departments from Riga to other cities of Latvia;

- permission for private companies to apply the documentation for public institutions in Latvian, Russian, and English;
- offering Latvian electronic taxation residency for foreigners;
- gap reduction in wages for different categories of public sector employees by reviewing the salary system of civil servants and leveraging them based on the minimum salary instead of the average salary;
- construction of highways connecting Riga with other cities and the external borders of Latvia;
- providing an exemption from paying corporate income tax for a period of five years to companies providing employment for residents of Latgale, as well as the subsidized municipalities in other regions;

- liquidation of the National Electronic Media Council;
- privatization of Latvian Television and Radio;
- Baltic States tax laws’ harmonization;
- expanding access to the Latvian labor market for educated and skilled workers from other countries;
- reviving the program of granting residence permits for persons who purchase real estate in Latvia;
- granting Latvian citizenship for persons investing more than one million euros in Latvia;
- adding the vehicle operating tax into the excise duty on fuel;
- pprivatizing the Lattelecom company;
- gradual refusing from plastic packaging; introducing a deposit system for different types of packaging;
- solving the problems of the restituted real estate residents; during the term of office of the 13th Saeima adopting a related program and allocating the necessary funds to reach this goal;
- setting the VAT rate 12% for housing management tasks, and 5% for heating;
- nationalizing private land under multi-apartment buildings if the land does not belong to the apartment owners; offering the owners of the apartments the redemption or leasing the land at a reduced rate; compensating the losses of the previous owners by granting them state-owned land;
- determining the non-taxable minimum for pensions at the level of the minimum wage;
- suspension for the increase of the minimum length of service necessary for retirement, and suspension for the increase of the retirement age until the average male life expectancy in Latvia (69.8) will not exceed the average life expectancy of men in EU countries as of year 2016 (78.2);
- setting the age of 60 as the early retirement age, 20 years as the minimum required length of service, and increase the amount of the pension from 50 to 80% of the calculated pension;
- reducing the VAT rate to 12% for children's products, and to 5% for specialized products intended for infants;
- excluding the preamble of 2014 from the text of Satversme (Constitution of Latvia);
- introducing the principle of zero tolerance for the use of ‘hate speech’ by officials;
- introducing mandatory teaching of Russian in all schools of Latvia;
- refraining from using fines by the State Language Center;
- Orthodox Christmas recognition as a state holiday.


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