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24.11.2011 Photo: MEP Tatjana Zhdanoka organized 5th European Russian Forum in the European Parliament in Brussels

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17.11.2011 Photo: MEP Tatjana Zhdanoka is organizing 5th European Russian Forum in the European Parliament in Brussels.

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11.11.2011 The European Free Alliance is for the Official Status of the Russian Language in Latvia

The European Free Alliance Group in the European Parliament is following with a great interest the developments in Latvia, where more and more people support the referendum on the amendments to Constitution aimed at recognising the official status of the Russian language

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01.11.2011 MEP Ždanoka's speech in the plenary on October 24, 2011

20 years have passed since the Supreme Council of Latvia adopted the resolution under which only those residents who had been Latvian citizens in 1940 and their descendents were recognised as having citizenship of Latvia. One third of the population was thus deprived of all political rights. This was a unique case: a parliament depriving an essential part of its own electorate of citizenship and thus of voting rights

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18.10.2011 Photo: October 14th, FHRUL reminded of the sad anniversary. 20 years ago the Law on Citizenship split the Latvian society for citizens and noncitizens. Candles were lit in the park near the Saeima (Parliament of Latvia) in the memory of 20 years of lawles

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14.10.2011 Romania and Bulgaria should get passport-free EU travel

Romania and Bulgaria have fulfilled all of the criteria and should be allowed to join the Schengen passport check-free area according to MEPs including Tatjana Ždanoka

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07.10.2011 Photo: European Parliament: under the patronage of MEP Tatjana Zhdanoka (FHRUL) was held a conference"A Common Energy Platform - the Basis of a Secure Future for Europe: a Partnership Dialogue between Russia and the EU".

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22.09.2011 EP votes to strengthen EU rules for preventing double non-taxation of profits

The European Parliament economic affairs committee adopted on September, 22, a report by Green draftsman Sven Giegold on a recast of the legislation governing the taxation of distributions from subsidiaries to parent companies. The legislation aims to prevent the double (or multiple) taxation of profits. The EP has voted to extend this by introducing measures that can prevent double non-taxation. Crucially, MEPs supported a proposal calling for a minimum taxation of any distributed profits to parent companies of 16%

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07.09.2011 Photo: FHRUL organized collection of signatures for giving a citizenship to Latvian non-citizens ("aliens").

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05.09.2011 Photo: Fund "Tatjana Zhdanoka to Russian School" presented a poetic anthology "The Russian Verse from Gabriel Derzhavin to Dmitry Bikov" in Riga 10th School and Riga Purvciems Gymnasium.

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31.08.2011 Photo: Happy Knowledge Day!

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24.08.2011 Photo: FHRUL against neonacists. Neonacist Uldis Freimanis vs. Eduard Svatkov (FHRUL).

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19.08.2011 Photo: FHRUL starts on elections under a number Seven.

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16.08.2011 Photo: August 16th: FHRUL presented in the Central Election Committee lists of the MP candidates.

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01.08.2011 Photo: MEP Tatjana Zhdanoka was a judge on a competition "Handmade Dresses". This cometition was held within the framework of an annual "Printed Cotton Ball" in the city of Ventspils.

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28.07.2011 Photo: Co-chairman of FHRUL party Yakov Pliner, chairman of rule of Russian Society in Latvia Tatyana Favorskaya and vice-chairman of society "United Latvia" Andrey Grocev signed a strategic collaboration agreement.

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25.07.2011 Photo: The activists of FHRUL conducted a picket in the center of Riga. Aim of this picket - to remind about the problem of aliens (non-citizens of Latvia).

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22.07.2011 Photo FHRUL called townspeople on the streets of Riga to participate in the referendum of July, 23 and to vote for the dismissal of 10th Saeima.

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15.07.2011 Photo FHRUL and Latvian Association of Small and Medium Business have signed a collaboration agreement.

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21.06.2011 Photo: FHRUL took part in an international action "Candle of Memory of 22nd of June".

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13.06.2011 Photo: 11th June 2011: FHRUL's Congress took place in Riga.

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13.06.2011 Board of FHRUL (elected 2011-6-11)

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31.05.2011 Photo: May 31st, Days of the Russian culture. Miroslav Mitrofanov, Tatyana Feigmane and other authors are opening exhibition "Latvia's Russian Minority".

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19.05.2011 Photo: Senior pupils who became the winners of mathematical competition got prize from MEP Tatjana Zdanoka - journey to Strasbourg, that will take place in July.

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08.05.2011 Photo: Congratulations on the Victory Day!

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18.04.2011 Photo: April 15th-16th, Aland Islands (Finland), the annual conference of the European Free Alliance (EFA). FHRUL is a member of the EFA.

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12.04.2011 Photo: Congratulations on the International Cosmonautics Day!

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16.03.2011 Photo: Members of the European Parliament protested against Hungarian Media Law. This law is a threat for the freedom of the media.

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07.03.2011 Photo

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02.02.2011 Photo: European Parliament, 1st of February 2011: Dr. Tatjana Zdanoka, MEP, raised a question about the petition from Estonian non-citizens

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01.02.2011 MEP Zdanoka's written question on social crisis in Latvia (24.07.2009.)

Why has the European Commission welcomed measures aimed at reducing the income of a large part of the population whose income is already below the poverty line?

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01.02.2011 Draft declaration on the protection of social rights when fighting against the economic crisis proposed by 4 MEPs (19.10.2009)

To maintain adequate protection for social rights when fighting against the economic crisis; to ensure that social conditionality becomes an integral part of any financial assistance and other stabilisation instruments; to evaluate the social impact of all anti-crisis measures on a regular basis and report back to Parliament;

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01.02.2011 MEP Zdanoka's speech on data protection in the context of migration (18.05.2010)

my group – from the very beginning – was quite cautious in accepting SIS II, due to many implications concerning data protection. Now it seems that the long SIS II saga is far from being finished. We see time delays and cost overruns; we do not have any positive results. We do not even have a consensus about the evaluation of test results. We have to be honest and admit that the current project might fail, and we have to discuss the alternatives

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01.02.2011 MEP Zdanoka's speech on rights to interpretation and translation to minority languages during criminal proceedings (14.06.2010)

I stress that the directive also applies to non-official languages of the European Union. It means that the translation and interpretation referred to in the document should be guaranteed in regional and minority languages. For example, in those judicial districts in which the number of residents using regional or minority languages justifies it, the possibility of using such languages must be afforded

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01.02.2011 MEP Zdanoka's speech on Schengen acquis implementation in Bulgaria and Romania (15.06.2010)

My Group fully shares the position of the rapporteur that there should be a follow-up. In other words, Parliament must be informed of how problems have been solved, taking our concerns about data protection into account. I would also hope that the unavailability of slots will not be a barrier to joining the SISOne4ALL

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01.02.2011 MEP Zdanoka's speech on reforms and development in Moldova (21.10.2010)

Moldovan society is multi-ethnic and multi-linguistic; moreover, essential differences exist in relation to the assessment of historical events. It is therefore quite dangerous to create additional dividing lines within Moldovan society. In my opinion, a recent decree establishing 28 June as Soviet Occupation Day, which triggered a negative reaction on the part of a large number of Moldovan residents, did not consolidate society but had just the opposite effect

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01.02.2011 MEP Zdanoka's speech on visa facilitation and readmission (13.12.2010)

Three years ago a report was adopted on visa facilitation with Russia, which passed my own amendment saying that the requirement of the mandatory registration procedure is a serious obstacle to travel within Russia and the EU. Unfortunately nothing has changed since that time and this is crucially important for my electorate who travel to Russia for private visits

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19.01.2011 New era for patients in Europe, as EP adopts rules on rights to cross-border healthcare

The European Parliament adopted a final legislative compromise on new EU rules on access and rights to cross-border healthcare

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