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20.12.2010 'The Latvian Candidate': a book by Italian journalist

MEP Tatjana Zdanoka hosted the launch of a book entitled 'The Latvian Candidate: Strange Adventures of an alien in Europe' at the European Parliament. The book tells the story of Giulietto Chiesa, a Russian-speaking former Italian MEP and one-time Moscow correspondent of La Stampa who stood as a candidate for the 2009 European Parliament elections in Latvia

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20.12.2010 Photo: Giulietto Chiesa presented his new book about elections in Latvia (European Parliament, Strasbourg, 14th December)

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05.12.2010 Justice ministers must not allow basic rights to be compromised under data protection agreements

This means attaching clear conditions on the need for any agreement to be consistent with EU data protection rules. The EP has made clear that it will only endorse these agreements if they guarantee a high level of data protection

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30.11.2010 Photo: November, 28-29th, 2010: IV European Russian forum took place in Bruxelles. The organizer of the Forum was Dr. Tatjana Zdanoka, MEP

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22.10.2010 MEP T. Zdanoka warns about possible repeating of Latvia's mistakes by Moldova

EFA MEP Tatjana Zdanoka spoke in the debate on developments in Moldova (21 October) - which wants eventually to join the EU. Zdanoka - Vice Chair of the Delegation for Relations with Moldova - said that Moldova should not see EU membership as an end in itself, pointing to Latvia's own example.

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22.10.2010 Environment ministers stuck in groundhog day on EU climate policy

EU environment ministers met today to discuss EU climate policy ahead of a key UN climate summit in Cancun in December. Green MEPs expressed frustration at the outcome, with ministers once again delaying a decision on increasing the EU's emissions reduction target and fudging the question of the EU's potential commitment to a second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol

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13.10.2010 Photo Member of Latvian Parliament Vladimir Buzaev (FHRUL) is presenting his new book about non-citizens (aliens) in Latvia.

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16.09.2010 Photo: Italian journalist and politician Giulietto Chiesa presented his new book "Latvian candidate" in Riga (September 15th, 2010)

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31.08.2010 Recruitment of new EU ambassadors: External Action Service must not become an old boys club

Ms Ashton's first staffing decisions could hardly be worse: not even one out of 10 ambassadors would be female, a total of 2 of the 115 ambassadors would come from Eastern Europe

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30.08.2010 Photo: Tatjana Zhdanoka, MEP - FHRUL's candidate on the post of Prime Minister of Latvian Republic

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16.08.2010 European electricity interconnection - EU Commissioner Oettinger has to press Member states to increase interconnectivity of electricity grids rapidly

Reinhard Bütikofer, Vice-Chair of the Greens/European Free Alliance and spokesperson on industrial policy, declares: "In 2002, at the Barcelona Council, EU member states agreed to the goal of a 10% electricity interconnection target for every one of them. 8 long years later even this meagre goal remains elusive"

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06.08.2010 Photo: Latvian political parties got numbers under which they will start on parliamentary elections this October. FHRUL is the first one

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15.07.2010 Despite some progress in negotiations, still a long way to go for effective EU financial supervision

In today's negotiations between Council, Commission and the Parliament it became clear that more movement on the side of Council is needed to finally come to an agreement on the new EU financial architecture in September. The discussions revolve around the powers given to the Banking, Insurance and Market authorities. In order to prevent future crisis, it is essential that the authorities have binding rights to intervene in the markets

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15.07.2010 Vote to ban food from cloned animals

Food from cloned animals should be banned according to MEPs who put the matter to the vote today. Plaid MEP Jill Evans has been campaigning for such a ban since 2008.<br> The proposed new legislation would cover meat and dairy products from cloned animals as part of EU rules on so-called 'novel foods'. Restrictions would also apply to any foods produced using nanotechnology

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02.07.2010 Photo: During the External Meeting of the EFA Group Members of the European Parliament took part in the discussion “Multilingualism Policies of the EU” (Riga, Latvia).

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18.06.2010 European Parliament votes for better food labelling

MEP backs 'country of origin' vote

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15.06.2010 No longer lost in translation

New EU legislation to guarantee the right to translation in criminal proceedings in other member states are set to be approved by the European Parliament this week. The new rules were welcomed by Civil Liberties Committee Member Tatjana Zdanoka

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02.06.2010 Tatjana Zdanoka had a meeting with Viktor Yanukovych

May 28th, 2010, Kiev. Member of the European Parliament Tatjana Zdanoka with the International Advice of the Russian Compatriots delegation met the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

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02.06.2010 Photo: Member of the European Parliament Tatjana Zdanoka with the International Advice of the Russian Compatriots delegation met the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych.

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27.05.2010 FHRUL letter to the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

On May 25th, 2010 FHRUL sent a letter to the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

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27.05.2010 Photo: Tatjana Zdanoka in the “Europarltv” studio

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26.05.2010 Climate change: EU Commission makes case for stronger emissions reduction target, ball now in Member States court

On May 26, the European Commission presented a communication making the case for increasing the EU greenhouse gas target to a 30% reduction by 2020

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18.05.2010 MEP T. Zdanoka sceptical about Schengen data sharing

Civil Liberties Committee Member Tatjana Zdanoka says that she remains unconvinced that a revised Schengen Information System will properly deal with concerns about data protection and personal privacy. This is a shared database that allows law enforcement authorities across the EU's Schengen Area to share information on individuals, vehicles and documents

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18.05.2010 EU Financial Supervision: Economic and Monetary Affairs committee supports stronger rules for financial markets

MEPs from virtually all groups have given a clear signal to Council - it is high time to learn from the financial and economic crisis and establish a strong European financial supervisor. Council's weak proposals which are overly focused on national measures rather than a pan-EU approach are entirely insufficient

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30.04.2010 Working time for lorry drivers

A victory for a more social Europe

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29.04.2010 photo: ForHRUL leaders Jakovs Pliners and Juris Sokolovskis met with Aivis Ronis

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31.03.2010 Toothless tiger or a real opportunity for citizens?

The European Commission has just presented the "Citizens' Initiative", an important tool for participative democracy that gives the right to a million Europeans to invite the Commission to propose legislation in a particular field

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23.03.2010 photo: meeting with the Prime Minister

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17.03.2010 photo: "They had fighted for our freedom"

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12.03.2010 EFA letter to the Vice-President of the European Commission on the use of minority languages

Neither Regulation No 1/58, nor other legal acts prohibit use of non-official languages in publications by the Commission. We believe that removal of the factsheets in Russian and apologies have been overreaction to criticism expressed by some anti-minority politicians

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02.03.2010 Latvian Non-Citizens - Who are they?

The Foreword to the Book "Citizens of a Non-Existent State. The long-term Phenomenon of Mass Statelessness in Latvia"

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28.02.2010 For Human Rights in a United Latvia - Party’s Program for the Elections of European Parliament, 2009

Human rights and social security for every resident of Latvia! Fair aid in overcoming the crisis for each EU country! The right to use native language and to receive education in mother tongue for every nation in Europe!

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28.02.2010 European Parliament resolution of 25 February 2010 on the situation in Ukraine

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25.02.2010 Political program of Political Party "FHRUL – For Human Rights in a United Latvia"

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24.02.2010 SWIFT Debate: MEPs still concerned about data protection in interim agreement

In a debate on Wednesday most of Parliament's political groups restated their concern at the lack of data protection and legal redress in the provisional agreement on bank data transfers to the United-States via the SWIFT network.

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