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27.11.2009 EU should use Lisbon Treaty to support language rights

Tatjana Zdanoka suggested that the Commission should 'name and shame' EU member states who fail in their obligations to linguistic minorities

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12.11.2009 Zdanoka welcomes EU Commissioner's intervention

The Commissioner was responding to an oral question tabled in the European Parliament by Tatjana Zdanoka, Jean Lambert, Alejandro Cercas, Marian Harlin and Elizabeth Lynne on the social consequences of the economic crisis and the financial aid given to certain countries

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21.10.2009 Zdanoka campaigns to protect social rights during economic crisis

Latvian MEP Tatjana Zdanoka is campaigning to remind the European Commission and EU Member States of their responsibilities to protect people's social rights when combating the economic crisis

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12.10.2009 photo

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01.10.2009 ‘Leveling Down’ Pensions in Latvia Does Not Remedy Discrimination

The Equal Rights Trust (ERT) submitted an expert opinion on the proposed amendments to the State Pensions Act

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05.04.2009 UN Resolution Has No Influence upon the Latvian Authorities

Nevertheless, on the 16th of March 2009, despite of the prohibition by the Riga City Council confirmed by the court, a traditional march in honour of the Latvian Waffen-SS Legion went through the centre of the capital of Latvia from the main church (Dome Cathedral) to the main monument of the country (Freedom Monument ) without obstacles and under police protection .

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19.02.2009 Judgement of the ECHR on the case of Andrejeva v. Latvia

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13.02.2009 Latvia: Language Demands Stiffened. Opinions ofInternational Organizations and Minority Representatives Ignored

Text of the letter to the international organizations

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