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03.12.2007 photo

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14.11.2007 Zdanoka: Minority rights and multilingualism should be EU Commission priorities

We need a common European policy on minority rights and social inclusion, and recent events in Italy demonstrated this clearly

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16.10.2007 Latvian NGOs ask the EP to pay attention to non-citizenship in Latvia

15 Latvian NGOs have signed an appeal to the European Parliament - asking not to procrastinate with the petition of 16,000 residents of Latvia

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28.06.2007 Open letter to: Tunne Kelam MEP, Marianne Mikko MEP, Siiri Oviir MEP, Katrin Saks MEP, Toomas Savi MEP, Andres Tarand MEP

It is an inexcusable falsehood to claim that none of those accused of organising the disorder in Tallinn remain in custody

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29.05.2007 photo

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08.05.2007 photo

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02.05.2007 MEP protests against actions of Estonian authorities

Latvian MEP Tatjana Zdanoka has again expressed her concern about the situation in Estonia

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27.04.2007 MEP horrified at events in Tallinn

Latvian MEP Tatjana Zdanoka - whose party represents the country's substantial Russian speaking community - has expressed her outrage at events in Tallinn, Estonia

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04.04.2007 Latvia: Ethnic Russians Divided On Moscow's Repatriation Scheme

Russian President Vladimir Putin in June gave the nod to a package of incentives aimed at bringing ethnic Russians living abroad back to Russia.

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26.01.2007 Latvian Russian Union

What we stand for:

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23.01.2007 Announcement and foreword of the book "The Last Prisoners of the Cold War: The Stateless People of Latvia in Their Own Words"

Thanks to the support of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, a book about the non-citizens of Latvia (written in the English language) has been released and presented to the media on September 22nd and 27th in Riga and Strasbourg correspondingly

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