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08.11.2006 photo

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25.09.2006 The Last Prisoners of the Cold War

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20.09.2006 Announcement and foreword of the book "The Last Prisoners of the Cold War: the Stateless People of Latvia in Their Own Words"

Thanks to the support of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, a book about the non-citizens of Latvia (written in the English language) has been released and will be presented to the media on September 22nd and 27th in Riga and Strasbourg correspondingly.

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11.08.2006 photo

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03.08.2006 photo

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27.06.2006 ARTICLE 19 Statement to the Riga Regional Court on the criminal prosecution of Aleksandrs Gilmans

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15.06.2006 Broad backing for non-discrimination measures

The European Parliament has strongly backed proposals put forward by Latvian MEP Tatjana Zdanoka to tackle discrimination. These include developing new EU legislation to deal specifically with discrimination and making the European Charter on Fundamental Rights legally binding.

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15.06.2006 Broad backing for non-discrimination measures

The European Parliament voted by 390 votes to 222 votes with 47 abstentions in favour of Tatjana Zdanoka's report on 'A framework strategy for non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all'. The package of measures calls on the European Commission to bring forward new and comprehensive anti-discrimination legislation before mid 2007.

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1. The case originated in an application (no. 58278/00) against the Republic of Latvia lodged with the Court under Article 34 of the Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms (“the Convention”) by a Latvian national, Ms Tatjana Ždanoka (“the applicant”), on 20 January 2000.

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28.03.2006 The European Court of Human Rightsthe case of Ždanoka v. Latvia

The application of Tatjana Ždanoka to the European Court of Human Rights concerned the fact that she had been ruled ineligible to stand for election to the Latvian Parliament and to municipal elections on account of her former membership of a political party which had been declared unconstitutional, and her activities within it.

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17.03.2006 Zdanoka: Turkey must meet conditions for EU membership

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16.03.2006 Press release on Grand Chamber judgement in case ŽDANOKA v. LATVIA

Press release issued by the Registrar on 16 March 2006.
The Court held: that there had been no violation of Article 3 of Protocol No. 1; that it was not necessary to examine separately the complaints under Article 11; that it was not necessary to examine separately the complaints under Article 10

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27.02.2006 Report on the comprehensive monitoring report of the European Commission on the state of preparedness for EU membership of Latvia

(COM(2003) 675 – C5-0532/2003 – 2003/2201(INI))

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27.02.2006 Human Rights in the OSCE Region: Europe, Central Asia and North America, Report 2005 (Events of 2004)

Extract on Latvia from the IHF report

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27.02.2006 List of the CE and EU documents on non-discrimination

Annex to the WORKING DOCUMENT on non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all - A framework strategy by Tatjana Zdanoka

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24.02.2006 Most considerable protests against elimination of the state-supported education in minority languages 2004

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24.02.2006 Differences between rights of Latvian citizens and non-citizens - Latvian residents

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24.02.2006 Danger: violence towards minorities in Latvia

February 5th, 2004 the Latvian parliament guided by xenophobic ambitions passed a new law limiting school education in Russian language to a maximum of 40% of the total class volume. Starting from 2007, all exams are to be passed exclusively in Latvian.

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24.02.2006 International Recommendations on Voting Rights for the Latvian Non-citizens

Latvian non-citizens are deprived of the rights to take part in the self-government elections in order to limit participation of ethnic minorities in the decision making process on both local and national levels.

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European Court of Human Rights upheld the course of T. Zdanoka against authorities of Latvia.

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08.02.2006 Zdanoka disappointed with MEPs lack of ambition on minority rights

"This has had all the hallmarks of a bad detective novel" - Zdanoka

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08.02.2006 Statement by “For Human Rights in a United Latvia”

July 7, 2004 on Esthonian-Latvian boarder Estonian citizen Dmitry Linter denied entry permit in Latvia. He was going from Narva to Riga on personal business. Latvian frontier authorities claimed that Dmitry Linter had no right to visit Latvia because he is “black listed”. Dmitry Linter is the leader of a youth organization of the Russian party of Estonia.

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08.02.2006 Statement by “For Human Rights in a United Latvia”

Europe will only become a democratic union if at each state’s national level all people’s opinion is taken into account, not solely elite’s position.

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08.02.2006 “For Human Rights in a United Latvia” supports trade unions

Despite the weakness of modern-day trade unions, “For Human Rights in a United Latvia” is ready to support their social dialogue initiatives in Latvia.

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08.02.2006 Summary of the article “Citizenship Law Should Be Stricter” published in the newspaper Latvijas Avīze on September 12th, 2005

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08.02.2006 photo

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07.02.2006 Fight against limitations of the freedom of speech and association

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02.02.2006 Latvian Parliament punished opposition MP for Anti-Nazi activity.

On February 2, 2006 the Parliament of Latvia has taken an appalling decision on MP Nikolaj Kabanov's expulsion from the Foreign Affairs Committee. The decision contradicts elementary norms of parliamentary democracy and freedom of speech.

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18.01.2006 The Greens-EFA group supports principal ideas of the Catania report.

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18.01.2006 The Greens-EFA group is supporting the principal ideas of Mr Catania report.

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03.01.2006 Reports of the EU Network of Independent Experts on Fundamental Rights

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